To inspire students to be independent thinking problem solvers who have a passion to learn and be difference makers in the world by preparing their heart, mind, and soul through excellent education.


We believe that the process of learning is as important as actual achievement.  We aim to create a learning environment in which each student feels valued and where there is freedom to express ideas and opinions, which may be examined openly and objectively.  Our learning process focuses not only on gaining knowledge but also on the development of critical thinking, creativity and acquisition of skills for life.  As a result, students will become independent lifelong learners.  We strive to provide students with opportunities to develop their gifts and talents through as many aspects of school life as possible: academically, socially, through sports and creative arts.

We believe that for students to feel fulfilled and achieve their potential, they must experience love, care and respect for themselves and others.  In addition, they must also assume responsibility for their decisions and actions.  It is extremely important that they learn to value their first language and culture.

our vision

To display unconditional love through excellent education.

our values

Excellence, Love, Wisdom