The Dream School is committed to implementing different teaching strategies in order to challenge students and help them become proficient in English. These strategies include small group interventions, finding and creating new resources, and re-arranging the schedule to include a 40 minute block at the end of the day for students to read books they enjoy from the library or receive extra tuition/intervention with subject specific teachers. We are also investing in our teachers through teacher trainings, teacher observations and purposeful teacher meetings.

The way our school day is structured is quite novel to Nepal and basic changes to the norm makes a huge difference. One example is that our students rotate to subject specific classes, rather than sitting in a dark classroom the entire day and the teacher rotating. This encourages teachers to decorate their classroom and allows students to move each period. We also have school wide rules and incentives for good behavior. Another example is that we are also developing a curriculum for World History and Geography to be taught in grades 6,7, and 8 which will help them develop a more well rounded world view and understanding of different cultures.

Explanation of some of our policies

Often we get asked why we do some of the things we do. We strive to have a reason behind the decisions we make with the driving motivation to do what is best for our students. Read or download the explanation of some of our policies below:

school calendar